School Counselors

Director of School Counseling
Sophia Kenny
[email protected]

Secretary to The Director of School Counseling
Ms. Susan Iovine x 31814
[email protected]

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Freshmen Counselors
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Chanda Fields x 32813
[email protected]


Lauren Csuka x 32811
[email protected]


Upper Classmen Counselors – in Alpha Order
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Thomas Billy  x31815
[email protected]

Gr. 10   A - Bryant
Gr. 11   A -Chichester
Gr. 12   A –Brubaker

Conference Appointment Calendar - Mr. Billy 

Hugh Witter x 31281
[email protected]


Gr. 10  Budetti-Dublin
Gr. 11  Chisholm-Gammon
Gr. 12  Brundrett-Esteves

Conference Appointment Calendar- Mr. Witter
Mr. Witter's Transcript Release Form

Erica Rago x31282

Gr. 10 Durr-Holland
Gr. 11 Geah- Jackson
Gr. 12 Estrada-Hargrove

Nick Santangelo x 31812
[email protected]

Gr. 10 Holmes-Lindez
 Gr. 11 James-Margate
Gr. 12 Harper-Loverdi

Conference Appointment Calendar- Mr. Santangelo
Mr. Santangelo's Transcript Release Form

Siobhan Meyer x 31813
[email protected]

Gr. 10 Lloyd-Phillips
 Gr. 11  Marmorek-Padberg 
 Gr. 12  Lundberg-Pearson                                                       

Ms. Meyer's Transcript Release Form

Raissa Maynard x 31283
[email protected]

Gr. 10 Philo-Siddons
Gr. 11 Parisi-Sherman
Gr. 12 Pellarano-Smith

Conference Appointment Calendar- Ms. Maynard
Ms. Maynard's Transcript Release Form

Shirley Sharples x 31816
[email protected]

Gr. 10  Silverman – Z
 Gr. 11  Siegartel– Z

Gr. 12  Snyder – Z

Conference Appointment Calendar- Ms. Sharples
Ms. Sharples' Transcript Release Form

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