Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Montclair High School has a rich tradition in providing students with many valuable educational opportunities outside the classroom. Our school community offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities in which students can become involved. You can do a key word search in the document. Control F - enter key word and it will search.

The many activities to choose from are listed on the pages that follow. The list is broken into groups:

  • Academic Clubs
  • Art, Music, Performance Interest Clubs
  • Awareness, Community & World Interest Clubs
  • Community, School Service Clubs
  • Special Interest/Cultural Clubs
  • Sports and Recreational Clubs

Each club and activity lists the name of the advisor(s), a brief description of the activity and meeting times when available. Students and/or staff interested in any of these activities should contact the advisor. All Advisors work within the High School and can be emailed by typing their First Initial, Last Name

It is highly recommended that students and staff participate in one or more activity.


Revised: September 2017


Academic Interest Clubs

  • Amphitheatre yearbook J. Petrigliano
  • Architecture Club P. Shakespear
  • Bridge Scholars J. Hobbs, J. Freeman
  • Chemistry Olympics A. Panchekha
  • Chess Club D. Rubin
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) K. Schnitzer
  • Euro Challenge J. Weber, T. Clifford
  • Fed Challenge J. Weber, T. Clifford
  • Language Clubs: French/German/Italian/Latin/Spanish See Description
  • Math Honor Society (MuAlpha)
  • Math League D. Rubin
  • MHS Writing Club S. Rembert, G. Woodruff
  • Mock Trial G. Burroughs
  • Model Congress T. Manos, W. Wingren
  • Model United Nations T. Manos, W. Wingren
  • Montclair High School College Planning Club O. Massarsky
  • National Honor Society S. Zepeda & J. Buel
  • Ninth Grade Academy Mentors J. Doshi
  • North American Computational Linguistic Olympiad (NACLO) A. Panchekha
  • Phoenix Magazine G. Woodruff
  • Physics Club A. Orso
  • Robotics M.Barouch, K. Samson, A. Yanette
  • Science Olympiad (SO) A. Orso

Arts/Music/Performance Interest Clubs

  • Anime Club TBA
  • Art A. Yanette
  • Cartooning Club TBA
  • Creative Writing Club A. Baney
  • Culinary P. Wright
  • Dance Company of the School of Visual & Performing Arts B. Pepper
  • Film Club S. Rembert
  • Interior Design Club M. Lavosky
  • Investment Club K. Richberg
  • Lighting/Stage Crew J. Wasko
  • Marching Band J. Wasko
  • Modern Music Appreciation S. Stein
  • National Art Honor Society A. Yanette
  • Poetry Club L. Cella
  • Salsa Club M. Gonzales-Block
  • SPVA K. Cleerdin, B. Pepper

Awareness Community & World Interest Clubs

  • American Sign Language Club J. Freeman
  • Amnesty International T. Risoldi
  • Arabic Language and Culture Club A. McLaughlin
  • Astronomy Club E. Altunkaya
  • Breast Cancer Awareness K. Nelson
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Society K. Richberg
  • Covenant House D. Moore
  • Disability Awareness Club A, McLaughlin
  • Diversity Council R. Novalis
  • Ecology Club A. Trajkovska
  • End Genocide J. Meyer
  • Environmental Action C. Franco
  • Friends of Rand Park S. Eckert
  • Friends of Barnet A. Wasko
  • Foreign Exchange Club M. Wasko
  • Gay/Straight Alliance L. Heyman
  • International Studies Club TBA
  • Jewish Student Union B. Steinbach
  • Kidsave Club A. McLaughlin
  • Meteorology Club A. Dalbo
  • National Organization for Women (NOW) S. Stein, A. Baney
  • Peace Club K. DeMeo
  • Ray Festa Foundation M. Chemidlin
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Det. Nelson, H. Witter
  • Students United Against Genocide TBA
  • Students Engaged in Racial Matters J. Freeman

Community/School Service Interest Clubs

  • Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) L. Cella
  • Bagels for Salvation J. Do'Tran
  • Big Sis Little Sis R. Chelius
  • Covenant House Club D. Moore
  • Do Something R, Casazza
  • EAT M. Barroqueiro
  • Exchange for Change A. Rush
  • First Friends of Montclair High School B. Steinbach
  • Giving Strings A. Dorian
  • Hospitality C. Simon
  • Key Club M. Alsina/L. Wombough
  • Leo's Club G. Fox
  • MHS for SEGA TBA
  • Mountaineer L. Racioppe
  • Peer Leadership A. Settembrino, B. Brown
  • Sisters on the Runway K. Nelson
  • Student Coalition P. Robertson, S. Wallace
  • Take Action MHS S. Stein
  • Zine Club D. Rubin

Cultural/Special Interest Clubs

  • Animal Rights L. Landou
  • Archaeology Club J. Ritchtberg
  • Asian Club L. Liang
  • Breaking the Chain Through Education A. Rush
  • Caribbean S. Nesbitt
  • Christians Meet at the Pole S. Anthony, D. Moore
  • Cup Club K. DeMeo
  • Existential Crises Club C. Franco
  • Expressing My Style J. Freeman
  • F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) J. Bittner
  • Health and Fitness Club D. Montesino
  • Kpop Club J. Bugg
  • May Li/French Club O. Filip, G. Cahayla
  • Natural Hair Project B. Brown
  • Outdoor and Nature Club R. Haas
  • Peace, not Wardrobe A. Dorian
  • Philosophy Club R. Haas
  • Playing Card Club TBA
  • PPAC - Progressive Political Action Club J. Meyer
  • Premed Club S. Kalra
  • Ukulele Club M. Awad
  • Vegans of MHS J. Mancinelli

Sports Recreational and Interest Clubs

  • Bad Film Club E. Altunkaya
  • Baking Club J. Freeman
  • Beatles Club J. Mancinelli
  • Book Club S. Rembert
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club S. Greene
  • Go Club S. Greene
  • Hiking Club J. Weeg
  • Knitting Club A. Wasko
  • Live Read Club A. McLaughlin
  • Meals on Wheels E. Altunkaya
  • MHS Outdoors Club C. Franco
  • Podcast Club A. Baney
  • Smash Club S. Feinstein
  • Sports Management Club P. Reilly, J. Freeman
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club A. Rush

Athletic Teams



Advisor: Ms. J. Petrigliano
Meetings: Tuesdays, Room 601 at 2:40p.m.

The yearbook club is open to all students who wish to be on the staff. The club assists with the creation of the Amphitheatre yearbook including proofing, editing, layout and photography. The yearbook is published annually and contains an historic record of all grade levels, sports, clubs and activities and other school events.


Advisor: Ms. P. Shakespear
Meetings: Thursday, Room 9 at 2:44 p.m.

The Architecture Club is a student run organization that develops and organizes an afternoon lecture series on architecture and related professional disciplines. Speakers are drawn from Montclair architectural and engineering and development offices in addition to the Montclair Building Department and local contractors. Additionally, the club sponsors field trips to surrounding architectural and engineering colleges and noteworthy buildings. Membership is open to all students with an interest in architecture and design and construction.


Advisors: Ms. J. Hobbs, Mr. J. Freeman
Meetings: Bi-weekly on Tuesdays, 2:45 pm in LGI

Our purpose is to enhance student achievement, especially in minorities by guiding and promoting college education. Our goal is to prepare students to achieve optimum success in high school and develop a plan to enter college and/or other post secondary institutions. We will have annual college tours to various schools, including Historically Black Colleges and University's; financial aid workshops, community service activities, tutoring, and fields trips.. We will forward a copy of each program to our Program Calendar.


Advisor: Ms. A. Panchekha
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursdays starting February through May after school, Room: 220

The Chemistry Club will compete in the New Jersey section of the Chemistry Olympics in the spring. The goal of the club is to spend time in preparation of the event, which includes both tests and lab experiments.

*Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: Mr. D. Rubin
Meetings: Contact Advisor -

The MHS Chess Club welcomes all students, regardless of experience, who are interested in playing chess. We usually meet once a week. Students will have opportunities to learn about the game, play chess with peers, and participate in tournaments. This is the club for you whether you want to relax and play chess with your friends or you want to prepare for tournaments.


Advisor: Mr. K. Schnitzer
Meetings: Thursday - 2:40 - 3:40 pm in Room 11

D.E.C.A. is a nationwide organization that aids in developing students' careers in marketing and distribution. Students who join are enrolled in Advertising and Marketing/Distributive Education classes. The club allows students to compete against others in the state in areas such as fashion merchandising, accessories, restaurant/food, and other business-related contests


Advisors: Mr. J. Weber, Mr. T. Clifford Technical advisor: Mr. T. Manos
Meetings: Times vary during January-May, Room 311

Euro Challenge is an academic competition sponsored by The European Union's Delegation of The European Commission to the United States, the European Central Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The Moody's Foundation. More information on The Euro Challenge Program can be found at its website ( Euro Challenge is available to any freshman or sophomore student at the high school with any level of economic experience. Requirements include an appetite for competition and a willingness to spend a considerable amount of time learning about economics, monetary policy, and The European Union and its member states. Informational meetings are generally held during the second marking period. Tryout assignments are made for interested participants in January. Tryouts are usually held in late January and may continue into early February. This national competition presently takes place in New York in April, but the venue may change as this program is growing rapidly. Monetary prizes are presently awarded to the top five teams in the national competition by The Moody's Foundation. Academic or service credit is available for team members. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisors: Mr. J. Weber, Mr. T. Clifford
Meetings: Times vary during January-May, Room 311

Fed Challenge is an academic competition that brings social science, mathematics and English skills together in a variety of ways. It is available to any student at the high school with any level of economic experience. Requirements include an appetite for competition and a willingness to spend a considerable amount of time learning about economics and monetary policy. Informational meetings are generally held during the second marking period. Tryout assignments are made for interested participants in January. Tryouts are usually held in late January and may continue into early February. The Fed Challenge Team participates in The Federal Reserve's Fed Challenge Competition. A regional competition featuring over 100 teams from the tri-state area takes place at The Federal Reserve Bank of New York in March - April. More information on The Fed Challenge Program is available in the education section of the website of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Academic or service credit is available for team members. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: German-Ms. E. Kalacheva; French- Mrs. G. Cahayla and Ms. Filip; Spanish-Ms. E. Reyes; Italian-Mr. V. Mazzolla & Mr. A. Dalbo; Latin- Ms. J. Manse

Each Club or Honor Society will focus various presentations/activities pertaining to their country including but not limited to trips, games, and community service projects. There may be various requirements for each society; for complete details please contact Advisors.

CIRCULO ESPANOL - (Spanish Club)

Advisor: Ms. M. Lavosky
Meetings: Third Wednesday of the month in Room 303

Spanish Club is an organization devoted to the enrichment of the Spanish curriculum. Our goal is to further the understanding of the language and customs of the Hispanic world while providing a social outlet for students who share these interests. Students who are currently taking a Spanish course or are interested in the Spanish culture and language can become members of the club. The club provides Hispanic cultural experiences by sponsoring trips, holiday celebrations, contests, games, fund raisers and community service.


Advisor: TBA
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The club is meant for those who have a C or better in the math courses taken at the high honors level and a B or better in the honors level of math for the overall year of the math course. As a member, you will be required to peer tutor other students in math. Not only does it look great on college applications, but it is also very rewarding. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: Mr. D. Rubin
Meetings: Monthly during lunch periods, Room TBA

The Math League brings statewide and national contests in mathematics to students on a monthly and annual basis respectively. Students participate voluntarily. Montclair High School has finished within the top 3 high schools in Essex County since 2005 and continues to seek the best and brightest. All are welcome to participate.


Advisor: Mr. G. Woodruff, Ms. S. Rembert
Meetings: Contact Advisor

MHS Writing Club is a forum for students to not just submit essays for peer review, but offers a place for students to explore and expand their writing. Tutors, made up of juniors and seniors who have been trained in giving peer-responses to writing, will be available for online editing of papers, conferencing, and teaching the secrets of the writing process. Students will be able to submit papers for review in order to discover the meaning of one's thesis and ideas, or perfect the way in which those ideas are communicated. Juniors and Seniors who are interested in becoming a tutor can join the program after three training sessions held either after school or during lunch.


Advisor: Mr. G. Burroughs
Meetings: Monday - Friday, September - February/March in Room 317 (and some weekends)

Mock Trial is a statewide competition that uses real life trial procedures to re-create a trial. Students act as attorneys and witnesses in order to develop public speaking skills. Students will have to present opening and closing arguments as well as direct and cross examination questions for witnesses. Students also learn how to think on their feet and develop acting skills as well. Mock Trial is affiliated with the New Jersey State Bar Association.


Advisors: Mr. T. Manos & Mr. B. Wingren
Meetings: Tuesday after school in Room 310

The Montclair High School Model Congress Club is a means for students to increase awareness of and become an active participant in the United States government. We do this through government simulation where the students take on the role of a representative. They will learn how to write bills and resolutions, and will debate some of the nation's most difficult issues. In addition to our weekly meeting debates, we will participate in a series of college-sponsored national conferences at universities such as Rutgers, Princeton, Harvard and Pennsylvania, where the students, on a weekend trip, will interact with high school students from around the country. We also host our own Middle School Model Congress, where students from local middle schools are invited to


Advisors: Mr. T. Manos & Mr. B. Wingren
Meetings: Thursday after school in Room 310

MUNC is an award winning organization geared towards learning and competing. The group discusses international politics, UN policy and parliamentary procedure, as well as effective debating style. Through student research and the guidance of the advisor's, students learn about these issues and develop skills. These are then utilized at national competitions such as the Nation Model UN Conference and Columbia, Yale, Seton Hall and Brown Universities. In addition, students plan, organize and run the Middle School Model UN (MidMUNC), held annually at MHS.


Advisor: Ms. O. Massarsky
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Monday each month. Contact advisor for location

Montclair High College Planning Club is a group of students dedicated to studying the intricate college application process. The transition from high school to college is perhaps the biggest transition in every student's life. Studying and preparing for all the twists and turns the application process can throw at you, will make every student's senior year far easier. The group meets with guest speakers and college students to discuss what college life is like and how to get there. The club meets twice a month to discuss factors related to college selection. Issues such as financial aid and the college essay are always a favorite topic. As college is right around the corner, the Montclair High College Planning Club is ready to meet the challenge prepared and confident.


Advisor: Ms. S. Zepeda & Ms. J. Buel
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The National Honor Society recognizes and promotes scholarship, character, leadership and service. Membership is only open to juniors who have been enrolled in MHS for at least three marking periods and seniors who have been enrolled for at least one marking period. (Academic requirements are available from the advisor.) Activities include induction ceremony, community service, meetings and graduation. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisors: Ms. J. Doshi
Meetings and Room: Contact Advisor

Activities include: Day before school - Freshman Orientation; October - Days of Dialogue; ice cream parties, and bowling activities. Meetings will occur between freshman and seniors regularly. This club is for seniors who want to make a difference!


Advisor: Ms. A. Panchekha
Meetings: See Advisor

The NACLO Club is an annual national competition designed to challenge high school students through solving linguistics puzzles.


Advisor: Mr. G. Woodruff
Meetings: Room 209, Wednesdays

The Phoenix Art and Literary Magazine is an annual publication that showcases the artistic and literary talents of Montclair High School's students. Students meet weekly to review submissions and learn about the process of running a magazine. By assembling a magazine that demonstrates the breadth of imagination and depth of talent of the student body, the club fosters a greater appreciation of the arts at the high school and in the world in general as well as the business of running a publication. The goals of the club are to disseminate student artistic products and to learn about the publishing process from eliciting submissions, through editing and formatting, to distribution.


Advisor: Mr. A. Orso
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Physics Club objective is to allow members to engage in hands-on competitive projects that are heavily depended on the understanding of, and enthusiasm for physics.


Advisors: Mr. M. Barouch, Mr. K. Sampson, Ms. A. Yanette
Meetings: As required to design and build; bi-weekly planning meetings in Room 17

The robotics team provides opportunities for students who are interested in the use of technology for creative purposes or have an interest in pursuing a career in technology or engineering. Made up of students of varying abilities and interests, this team brings artists, scientists, programmers, and mechanical types together under the umbrella of the International FIRST Robotics Organization. FIRST stands for "For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology." We have two teams, a Junior Varsity FIRST Tech Challenge team (FTC) which competes in the fall and winter, and a Varsity FIRST Robotics Competition Team (FRC). Students must first compete a season on the JV team and be enrolled in a pre-engineering course before they can try out for a position on the Varsity FRC team 555. Team 555 will compete in pre-season (fall) event, a six-week build season (Jan-Feb), and competitions (March/April/May). Students must be able to work long hours after school and on weekends during the six week build and competition events. Try-Out's for the Traveling Team will be required.


Advisor: Mr. A. Orso
Meetings: See Below, Room: 216

S.O. meets after school bi-weekly from October to March. Thereafter meetings will take place on a weekly basis. S.O. members participate annually at the NJ Science Olympiad competition held at Middlesex County College.



Advisor: TBA
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Anime Club is where lovers of Japanese pop culture meet to discuss anime, music, video games, and Japanese street style. We will exchange knowledge of the pop culture and create relationships with those who have similar interests as well as creating new areas of interests.


Advisor: Ms. A. Yanette
Meetings: Wednesday 2:45 - 4:00 pm in Room 16

The Art Club is open to all students who have an interest in making and learning about art. Activities include: making art for portfolio development and pleasure; engaging in community service for MHS by making murals, working on the Sidewalk Chalk Competition, helping mount and curate shows for the MFEE/Laraja gallery and other related school art projects.


Advisor: TBA
Meetings: TBA

The Cartooning Club is a student run organization in which students work together to hone their skills at cartoon illustration, develop storyboards, and have an all together fun yet productive time.


Advisor: Ms. A. Baney
Meetings: Thursdays at 2:45 pm, Room 314

To produce, critique and share creative writing.


Advisor: Ms. P. Wright
Meetings: Wednesdays, 2:45 pm in Room 12

Learn hands on how to prepare various dishes from the traditional to the exotic, and then taste the results! We will look at local foods and cuisines from other countries. Fabulous dishes for all to enjoy and then share the knowledge gained at home for future dining festivals. We also use our skills to cook for community service projects. Come if you love to cook and bake or would like to learn how!


Advisor: Ms. D. Brown
Meetings: Listed Below

The Dance Company of the School of Visual and Performing Arts at MHS is composed of 40-50 male and female students who are focused on their pursuit of dance as a life-long experience. The organization represents the best that MHS has to offer with members from a myriad of cultures, races and economic backgrounds working towards a common goal. Members of The Dance Company are chosen by audition in May of each year. Members typically make a commitment to their dance studies for the duration of their high school career. Upper classmen earn varsity letters in dance and all members qualify for induction into NU DELTA ALPHA, the National Dance Honor Society. Dance Company members attend an 8/9 period blocked class every year and rehearse after school in preparation for their annual concert and school assembly in March. The company works with professional choreographers from the NY/NJ area.*Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Meetings: TBA

The Drama Club, part of SVPA, gives students an opportunity to perform plays and work on acting techniques within the various genres of dramatic literature. All performances are student run and auditioning is open to all: students who have not previously been involved in the club can join by auditioning and being cast for a show or just by getting involved. This club is for anyone interested in drama, be it acting, directing, stage managing, etc. Additional meetings take place as determined by what is currently being worked on. To find out more about meetings time, contact Ms. A. McLaughlin.


Advisor: Ms. S. Howell-Rembert
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Film Club will help support students with the production of their own films.


Advisor: Ms. M. Lavorsky
Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month, Room 303

The Interior Design Club will unite students with a common interest in interior design. We would like to create a more beautiful and functional environment within the school and in our community.


Advisor: Mr K. Richberg
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Investment Club is a forum for students interested in learning about investing and gaining valuable real world experience from investing in securities both nationally and internationally.


Advisor: Mr. J. Wasko
Meetings: 1st Tuesday of each month, Room: TBA

The Lighting/Stage Crew teaches its members about staging and lighting techniques in the setting of the MHS auditorium. The club members do the staging and lighting for all school and community activities that are held in the auditorium.


Advisor: Mr. J. Wasko

The Marching Band performs at home and away varsity football games as well as several festivals, pep rallies, other winter games and parades. Students are expected to prepare their music and demonstrate their musicianship throughout the year. Pre-season begins August 1 with writing arrangements of music for students and instrument maintenance, maintenance of band uniforms and accessories. The season begins with pre-season practice (Band Camp) which begins one week prior to the start of the school year lasting 3-5 days for 4-5 hours per day. Rehearsal includes learning and rehearsing music and marching techniques in preparation of the varsity football season which begins the first week of school, as well as distribution of band uniforms and accessories, instruments and music. During football season, rehearsals begin on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. prior to football games and are 2-3 hours in length prior to the March Down to the stadium and the game. Games are approximately 4 hours in length for an approximate 8 hour commitment for the day. Students play before and during the games and perform halftime shows at home games. Students rehearse and travel to away games. At away games marching band students perform the pre-game shows and play during the football games at away games for an approximate 6 to 8 hour commitment. Students are required to attend rehearsals on Saturdays during bye-weeks when there are no football games. There are approximately10-12 games per season including regularly scheduled games, exhibition games, playoff games, championship game, and the traditional Thanksgiving Day Football game either home or away. The Band also represents College Basketball Teams during the Coaches Classic Tournament at Madison Square Garden for 2 nights in November. In addition to an evening winter concert in December, the marching band performs in various community events by invitation if available. In past years and again this year there are plans to add a small pep band for other winter sports and also as part of an Arts Showcase Exhibition in the spring which will feature the band plus other performing and visual arts displays as a PDL.


Advisors: Ms. S. Stein
Meetings: Contact Advisors

The Modern Music is used as a therapeutic resource for students.


Advisor: Ms. A. Yanette
Meetings: Meets Thursdays at 2:45 pm in Room 16

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is a national service organization designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12. The NAHS strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of the highest standards in art areas, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. The focus of MHS National Art Honor Society is community service through direct support to the arts. Our students have created displays and bulletin boards for teachers and administrators, participated in community mural projects, and provided direct coaching support to peers.

Membership requirements: students must have taken an art course at MHS and earned a "B" or higher. Students completing 16 hours of community service receive a pin from the national offices of NAHS. Members of NAHS are eligible for special scholarships at many art schools and Universities.


Advisor: Ms. L. Cella
Meetings: Every other Monday, Room 210

Our club will expose students to new ways to express themselves by using the form of creative writing, poetry. Our goal is to introduce students to the world of poetry while teaching/exposing them to ways of analyzing poetry.


Advisor: Ms. M. Gonzalez-Block
Meetings: Thursdays, Room 214

The Salsa Club is for anyone who would like to learn how to dance Salsa and many other Latin dances. All that is needed is interest and enthusiasm. You definitely will develop dancing skills if you join.


Advisors: Ms. B. Pepper, Mr. K. Cleerdin
Meetings: Daily in the Little Theatre from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm

There are many ways to get involved with The School of Visual and Performing Arts. The SVPA Theater Department does three major productions a year: SHOWCASE (a revue to showcase student talents), The DRAMA (a straight play), and the MUSICAL. In addition SVPA students present "Celebrations" (senior directed skits). SVPAs Drama Club presents staged readings and allows students other opportunities to perform non-musical material.

If you don't like performing and you still want to be involved with the productions, join the TECH CREW and learn how to build and paint sets, work backstage, learn about lights, sound, costumes and props; or help with publicity and front of house duties. Another way to get involved, if you're musically inclined, is in the PIT BAND for the productions.

Dance Company is a large part of SVPA with its own show in the spring. You can also get involved in the CHOIR Groups if you want to sing. We also have a great a capella group called PASSING NOTES. Other SVPA student activities include a BATTLE OF THE BANDS and FILM NIGHT (student-made films).



Advisor: Mr. J. Freeman
Meetings: Every Wednesday, Room 206 afterschool

The American Sign Language Club will increase the member's knowledge of ASL and deaf culture.


Advisor: Mr. T. Risoldi
Meetings: Wednesday, Room 602B

Amnesty International's mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination within the context of its work to promote all human rights. All are welcome.


Advisor: Ms. A. McLaughlin
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To bring together students who share a common interest in the diversity and richness of the Arab world.


Advisor: Mr. E. Altunkaya
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will promote interest in astronomy and space science.


Advisor: Officer K. Nelson
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Breast Cancer Awareness Club is an organization created to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer throughout Montclair. Members participate in national fundraisers such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure, in addition to holding their own school-wide fundraisers. The BCAC donates the money raised to national breast cancer foundations. They also raise awareness throughout the school by giving out ribbons and pamphlets and providing lectures and videos to club members as well as the entire student body of MHS.


Advisor: Mr. K. Richberg
Meetings: Third Wednesday of every Month


Advisor: Mr. D. Moore
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Covenant House Club will help raise awareness concerning their mission and help raise money for their various activities.


Advisor: Ms. A. McLaughlin
Meetings: Every Thursday, Room 307

To promote awareness about various disabilities and provide a safe place for students to discuss their disabilities.


Advisor: Ms. R. Novalis
Meetings: Every other Tuesday, Room 317

Resource and an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion. The club will participate in promoting and creating school and community events for various holidays and historical months.


Advisor: A. Trajkovska
Meetings: Every other Thursday in Room 224

To create awareness of ecology through hands-on activities.


Advisor: Mr. J. Meyer
Meetings: Room: 305

This club hopes to raise the awareness and create fundraising projects to help supporting victims of genocide.


Advisor: Ms. Franco
Meetings: Every other Tuesday, Room 305

Environmental Club is a student led group that is working toward more environmentally friendly policies and behavior both in the school, and in the larger community. Club meetings include working toward increased recycling at the school and local businesses, the use of more recycled or biodegradable materials, and increasing awareness about broader environmental issues through films, discussions and letter writing campaigns.


Advisor: Ms. Eckert
Meetings: Every Wednesday, Room 218

Environmental Action Club is a student led group that is working towards the gardening and maintaining Rand Park. Advocating for a more eco-friendly community and the preservation and conservation of local wildlife.


Advisors: Mrs. A. Wasko
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The info is "The Friends of Barnet serves as the student arm of the community organization of the same name, which seeks to strengthen the bond between Montclair and Barnet, England forged during World War II. Open to all students; but especially those with an interest in traveling abroad and strengthening our relationship with our sister city. Student exchange programs occur every 2-3 school years."


Advisor: M. Wasko
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Foreign Exchange Club will serve as a resource for students to promote foreign exchange/programs, get students involved with the exchange students currently at Montclair High from all over the globe. Raise money for intercultural exchange programs and overall promote the countless values of open mindedness and global citizenship that study abroad offers.


Advisor: Ms. L. Heyman
Meetings: Tuesdays in Room 320

The G/S Alliance will provide and promote a safe, supportive and accepting educational environment for all students. They will address issues concerning bigotry and intolerance.


Advisor: TBA
Meetings: Twice a month on Tuesdays, Room 212

The Club will learn about culture and how life is lived in various countries spread out all around the world. We will also be fundraising for a small orphanage in Cusco, Peru.


Advisor: Ms. B. Steinbach
Meetings: Twice a month, Room 312

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) meets bi-monthly to expose students to Jewish culture, customs and values. Many of the meetings involve Jewish holidays and the state of Israel. For example, during Passover, students conduct a chocolate Seder, with chocolate matzos and chocolate milk. All students are welcome. Pizza is frequently served at JSU meetings.


Advisor: Ms. A. McLaughlin
Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday of every Month

To support Kidsave International to raise awareness of funding to help older, foster and orphaned kids to find loving families.


Advisor: Mr. A. Dalbo
Meetings: Contact Advisor

We will learn ways to present and construct forecasts for both media and private/government uses.


Advisors: Ms. S. Stein; Ms. A. Baney
Meetings: Wednesday, 2:45pm Room 304

N.O.W. provides an opportunity where students of both sexes can participate in projects, lectures, seminars, discussions, etc. to promote and facilitate the women movement for gender equality. Membership is voluntary and is open to all students. Projects include: "Love Your Body" month campaign, rape awareness campaign, production of a student produced journal entitled: '51% Un-silenced Majority", a school wide women's history month assembly, and much - much more!


Advisor: Ms. K. DeMeo
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To discuss domestic and international issues, and formulate possible solutions in a attempt to bring Pease and combat intolerance throughout society.


Advisors: Ms. M. Chemidlin
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Members of the Ray Festa Memorial Foundation (RFMF) and the Montclair High School Chapter will promote students, staff and faculty with information for skin cancer and in particular melanoma awareness.


Advisor: Det. Nelson & H. Witter
Meetings: Thursdays at 2:45 pm, Room 105


Advisor: Mr. J. Meyer
Meetings: Tuesdays, Room 205

This club seeks to raise awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crises that exist in countries experiencing genocide and ethnic cleansing, while also drawing attention to other victims of genocide in the past. SUAG participates in various fundraisers with the dual purpose of raising funds for those impacted by genocide and informing young activists of the ongoing situations around the world, and what they can do to help.


Advisor: Mr. J. Freeman
Meetings: Every other Thursday

It is our goal to bring awareness to racial injustices in our community and world today and to spark positive, productive conversations.



Advisor: Ms. L. Cella
Meetings: Every other Monday, Room 210

The purpose of this club is to make artwork/crafts and distribute them as gifts to patients in Local hospital (preferably children) as well as residents of nursing homes. Arrangements will be made with such organizations ahead of time and such deliveries will be made for holidays as well as regular days.


Advisor: Ms. J. Do-Tran
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Prepare breakfast for those in need in Montclair by donating food to the Salvation Army, Tony's Kitchen, etc.


Advisor: Ms. R. Chelius
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Big Sis Little Sis allows high school students to take on the responsibility of being 'big sisters' to elementary school girls. We will become examples and role models for our 'little sisters' and organize biweekly activities in order to get to know them individually.


Advisor: Mr. D. Moore
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Covenant House Club will raise awareness and money for projects and programs sponsored by Covenant House.


Advisor: Mr. Ryan Casazza
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To develop a Do Something Club at MHS to involved students with different causes and fundraisers, and raise awareness about different efforts. Our club will follow the guidelines provided by:


Advisor: Ms. M. Barroqueiro
Meetings: First Thursday of the month - Room 319

EAT - Engage and Talk - give everyone a friend at lunch.


Advisor: A. Rush
Meetings: Every other Wednesday

Club that collects donated garments (dresses, pants, shirts, dancewear, etc.) and sells them at organized events similar to a Salvation Army. The proceeds from each event shall then got to a charity of the club's choice.


Advisor: B. Steinbach
Meetings: Once a month on Wednesday Room 312

Club is a chapter of the First Friends of NJ Organization in Kearny, NJ. We will write letters of encouragement to immigrant detainees as well as organize fundraisers and letter drives to get items to the organization.


Advisor: A. Dorian
Meetings: Once a Month on Monday, Room 614

Making and selling string bracelets and giving the proceeds to charity.


Advisor: D. Moore
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Members of the club would devote their time and effort by participating in community service that will benefit the HOMECorp foundation.


Advisor: Ms. C. Simon
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Hospitality Club serves as host and hostess for various school and community functions, i.e. Back to School Night, evening conferences, graduation, etc. The students will complete two community service projects during the school year, such as "The Gift of Sight Foundation," in which there is a collection of used eyewear for those in need.


Advisor: M. Alsina/L. Wombough
Meetings: Wednesday or Thursday, student choice of 2:45pm or 6pm in the LGI

The Key Club is the largest club in MHS with over two hundred members. The major focus is service to the community. Students volunteer for various activities throughout the year, such as walk-a-thons, soup kitchens, helping the elderly & disabled, working with area agencies and non-profits, as well as other Montclair Schools. The club's activities are student driven.


Advisor: Mr. G. Fox
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Leo's Club is part of the Lions Club of Montclair. This is a community service club and will help raise awareness and money for the blind.


Advisor: Mr. L. Racioppe
Meetings: As Needed - Contact Advisor

The Mountaineer is the school newspaper that is produced by the students. The objectives of the newspaper shall be faithful coverage of the events that involve and concern MHS; commentary on events written in the best interest of the student body and school; providing a voice for the students, encouraging the student government, faculty and administration to follow policies in the best interest of the whole school; maintaining fruitful working relations with the administration. It is advised that students take Journalism prior to joining club. *Please note that this club has a pre-requisite requirement - please contact Advisor(s).


Advisor: TBA
Meetings: TBA

We will be a club that partners with a school in Tanzania called SEGA, which is a for underprivileged girls.


Advisors: Mr. A. Settembrino, Ms. B. Brown
Meetings: Everyday, 6th period, Room: TBA

Peer Leadership is a program that assists freshmen students with their transition into high school. The program uses the Peer Group Connection curriculum developed by The Princeton Center for Educational Leadership, to train senior students to facilitate freshmen peer groups. Seniors apply to be Peer Leaders and meet everyday for a Peer Leadership Class. The Peer Leaders meet with the freshmen every Thursday, during 6th period to conduct outreach sessions with the students. The activities start at the beginning of the year with Freshmen Field Day. Peer Leadership groups are designed to incorporated games and interactive activates to bring students closer, make friends and ease the transition to high school.


Advisor: Officer K.Nelson
Meetings: Contact Advisors

Sisters on the Runway is a non-profit club raising awareness for women who suffer from domestic violence. This club will have at least 1 meeting per month, until the big fashion show in April. Model tryouts will be held sometime in November and there will be several bake sales, and other forms of fundraising throughout the year. ANY ONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN-YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MODEL! There are many ways to get involved whether it be modeling, volunteering at the show, volunteering for fundraisers, getting sponsors, getting raffle prize items and much more.


Advisors: Ms. P. Robertson, Ms. S.Wallace
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Student Coalition acts as a primary means of communication among staff and students by means of homeroom representatives and officers. Students elect both officers and homeroom representatives and the organization is bound by the rules of a constitution. Student Coalition is the student governance of Montclair High School. In addition to representing student concern to faculty, SC plans the Martin Luther King, Black History Month and Women's History Month Assemblies. In addition,Student Coalition plans the Autumn, Winter, and Spring Pep rallies.


Advisor: S. Stein
Meetings: Every other week on Monday, Room 304

The purpose of the club is to recognize and act upon injustices and problems within our community. We want to organize students to combat issues on a broad scale but focus on and complete one at a time.


Advisor: P. Robertson
Meetings: See Advisor

A club to help educate students about the severity of hunger among children around the worked and help raise money for UNICEF.


Advisor: Mr. D. Rubin
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Zine Club will be a place to conceive of, produce, and market 'zines' which are defined as 'small circulation publications of original or appropriated texts and images' - but can include any self-made print media.



Advisor: Ms. L. Landou
Meetings: Contact Advisor

For anyone that wants to be 'in-the-know' about animal rights issues and how they are being dealt with. Find out how you can make a difference in the lives of animals throughout the community and beyond.


Advisor: J. Richtberg
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Purpose of this club shall be to promote the enjoyment and study of archaeology through lectures, field trips, field work and will be unofficially affiliated with Archaeology Society of New Jersey.


Advisor: Ms. L. Liang
Meetings: Every other Thursdays in Room 402

The Asian Club shares Asian food and cultural traditions. Students do not have to be Asian to participate.


Advisor: Ms. A. Rush
Meetings: Mondays, bi-weekly

The Caribbean Club provides MHS students an opportunity to become aware of the various aspects of Caribbean culture through music, crafts, bake sales, student exchange, community and volunteer services. The secondary purpose is to increase tolerance and awareness for the various cultural backgrounds.


Advisor: Ms. S. Nesbitt
Meetings: Tuesday, 2:40 pm in Room 7

The Caribbean Club provides MHS students an opportunity to become aware of the various aspects of Caribbean culture through music, crafts, bake sales, student exchange, community and volunteer services. The secondary purpose is to increase tolerance and awareness for the various cultural backgrounds.


Advisor: Mr. D. Moore
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Christians Meet at the Pole is a fellowship organization for Christian students to learn and grow in their faith in a supportive environment outside of their home churches. We will also seek to attend Christian events and to commit our service to the community.


Advisor: Ms. K. DeMeo
Meetings: Mondays, bi-weekly

Raising money for menstrual cups for women in impoverished countries.


Advisor: C. Franco
Meetings: Every Wednesday in Room 305

To have philosophical discussions.


Advisor: Mr. J. Freeman
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To discuss your styles with one another and to feel confident about the clothes you wear.

F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Advisor: Mr. J. Bittner
Meetings: Contact Advisor

F.C.A. (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Club will involve young athletes in discussions of issues facing today's athletes.


Advisor: D. Montesino
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To allow students to share their love of French outside of the class through french spoken conversations and creative projects.


Advisor: J. Bugg
Meetings: Every Friday afterschool. Room 217

To talk about Korean Pop and Korean Drama and learn about the Korean culture. Also, eat Korean foods.


Advisor: O. Filip, G. Cahayla
Meetings: Every other Monday, Room 5

To allow students to share their love of French outside of the class through french spoken conversations and creative projects.


Advisor: Mr. J. Bugg
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically succeed professionally and positive impact on the community.


Advisor: Ms. B. Brown
Meetings: Every Monday after school in Room 206

For anyone who has hair and is interested in maintaining and taking care of it.


Advisor: Mr. R. Haas
Meetings: Bi-Monthly, Contact Advisor

Our just and noble purpose is to pursue unadulterated nature.


Advisor: Ms. A. Dorian
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Our club will create a fashion magazine/blog which will discuss various topics including sewing, DIY, photography, makeup, modeling, and writing.


Advisor: Mr. R. Haas
Meetings: Twice a Month, Contact Advisor

To discuss philosophical ideals, such as existensialism, with our peers. To use these ideas to have a better understanding of the world around us.


Advisor: TBA
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To provide a fun, social and competitive environment in which people can play cards with other people.


Advisor: Mr. J. Meyer
Meetings: Every Wednesday in Room 205

Our purpose is to promote a politically engaged student body. Working on a range of progressive causes from the local to national level.


Advisor: Ms. S. Kalra
Meetings: Once a month on Wednesday

For anyone who is interested in a pursuing a career in Medicine.


Advisor: Ms. M. Awad
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To revive the club by playing and learning with other students.


Advisor: Mr. J. Mancinelli
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To inform people about veganism and ways they can help the planet. It is also a safe space for like-minded individuals to share their opinions.



Advisor: E. Altunkaya
Meetings: Every other Thursdays

To view and analyze notoriously bad movies and discuss what make them so bad.


Advisor: J. Freeman
Meetings: See Advisor

Purpose is to bake goods and have fun and to get to know each other and finally to raise money for charity.


Advisor: Mr. J. Mancinelli
Meetings: Every Wednesday in Room 319

This club will meet to appreciate, listen to, learn about, watch and discuss The Beatles.


Advisor: Ms. S. Rembert
Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month in Room 313

Students will be assigned a book and once all members have read it, we will have a in depth analystical & productive discussion about the book.


Advisor: Mr. S. Greene
Meetings: Every Tuesday & Wednesday in Room Cafeteria

Students will be assigned a book and once all members have read it, we will have a in depth analytical & productive discussion about the book.


Advisor: S. Greene
Meetings: Every Thursday

Where students can meet and learn to play the game.


Advisor: Ms. J. Weeg
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Purpose is to get students involved in nature, and to get out and be active.


Advisor: A. Wasko
Meetings: Thursday, Room 220

The MHS Knitting Club welcomes all current and aspiring knitters & crocheters to share their projects, learn new skills, and create pieces for donation.


Advisor: Ms. A. McLaughlin
Meetings: Contact Advisor

To do live reads of classic movies and educate people about cinema.


Advisor: Mr. E. Altunkaya
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Meals on Wheel will meet to people interested in cycling and participate in practice rides, and part and investigate organized rides for fellow bikers.


Advisor: C. Franco
Meetings: First Tuesday of every month Room 305

Meals on Wheel will meet to people interested in cycling and participate in practice rides, and part and investigate organized rides for fellow bikers.


Advisor: A. Baney
Meetings: Contact Advisor

Friendly and competitive fun for Super Smash Brothers video game.


Advisor: S. Feinstein
Meetings: Every other Friday. Room 314

To give students a place to properly create podcasts and learn how to use audio equipment.


Advisor: Ms. P. Reilly
Meetings: Contact Advisor

The Sports Management Club will educate members about the business of the sports industry, as well as sports entrepreneurship and administration. We will achieve this through speaker presentations and lectures, from people who work in the sporting industry, as well as organized trips.


Advisor: Ms. A. Rush
Meetings: Contact the Advisor

Ultimate Frisbee is an intramural sport, which is a cross between football and soccer. The only equipment is a Frisbee and the activity is open to all students.


** All Physicals, Parent Permission, Code of Conduct, Steroids forms must be submitted to Health Office by July 18, 2014. All athletes must have a valid IMPACT test. This test is valid for 2 years; please visit athletic web page for dates offered. Validation is good for 2 years, and is offered to all 9th and 11th grade students, and incoming new students regardless of grade. Forms are on the web at: Athletics - Mandatory Forms

FALL SPORTS (Approximate start date, August 11th)

Cheerleading/Drill Team - Coed

Head Coach: Ms. Alyssa Rush

Cross Country - Girls and Boys

Head Coach, Boys: Ms. Sophia Wallace:

Head Coach, Girls: Ms. Sophia Wallace:

Field Hockey - Girls

Head Coach: Ms. MaryPat Mercuro;

Football - Boys

Head Coach: Mr. John Fiore;

Gymnastics - Girls

Head Coach: Ms. Kaitlin Schultz;

Soccer - Boys and Girls

Head Coach, Boys: Mr. Toure Weaver;

Head Coach, Girls: Mr. Eric Weinrib:

Tennis - Girls

Head Coach: Ms. Dawn DeMayo;

Volleyball - Girls

Head Coach: Ms. Pam Reilly;

WINTER SPORTS (Start date, Nov. 17th for Ice Hockey and Swimming, Start date, Dec. 1st for rest of Winter Sports)

Basketball - Boys and Girls

Head Coach, Boys: Mr. Gary Wallace;

Head Coach, Girls: Mr. Paul Palek;

Bowling - Boys and Girls

Head Coach: Mr. Ken Schnitzer;

Cheerleading - Coed

Head Coach: Alyssa Rush;

Fencing - Boys and Girls

Head Coach: TBA

Ice Hockey - Coed

Head Coach: Mr. Patrick Verney;

Swimming - Boys and Girls

Head Coach: Mr. Ed. Koenigsfest;

Track and Field - Boys and Girls

Head Coach, Boys: Mr. Daryl Washington;

Head Coach, Girls: Ms. Sophie Wallace;

Wrestling - Boys

Head Coach: Mr. Michael Freedman;

SPRING SPORTS (Start date, March 6th)

Baseball - Boys

Head Coach: Mr. Ron Gavazzi;

Crew - Coed

Head Coach: Ms. Lorna Rundle:

Golf - Coed

Co-Head Coach: Mr. Ken Schnitzer:

Lacrosse - Boys and Girls

Head Coach, Boys: TBA

Head Coach, Girls: Ms. Ann Jennings;

Softball - Girls

Head Coach: TBA

Track and Field - Boys and Girls

HeadCoach, Boys: Mr. Daryl Washington;

Head Coach, Girls: Ms. Sophie Wallace;

Tennis - Boys

Head Coach: Ms. Andrea Noyes;

Volleyball - Boys

Head Coach: Ms. Pam Reilly;

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