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Students planning to participate in Division I or Division II athletics must register with the NCAA Eligilbity Center. Information regarding NCAA eligibility, college athletics, and additional resources, can be found at the NCAA Eligibility Center Website.


NCAA Division I Requirements

NCAA Quick Reference Sheet

Division I and Division II Eligibility Worksheet

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

For those athletes that plan on taking official visits to Division I or II college programs, you need to get to know what the NCAA Eligibility Center is and make sure you are registered. You can register any time during your junior or seniors years in high school and they do a number of different things for helping an athlete become eligible in college.

There may be parents or athletes who have never heard of the NCAA Eligibility Center and may think this article does not apply to them. But trust me in saying that it really does. Here is a definition of what I found that it does. "The NCAA Eligibility Center is an organization that clears athletes for initial eligibility in NCAA division I and II athletic programs."

The main thing that the Eligibility Center does it to make sure that the athletes meet the requirements academically to play at a high level in college. They will check your Grade Point Average, ACT/SAT (Depending on which one you take), and what classes you have taken. A high school counselor should help provide you with more information about what classes you need to take.

How to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center:

The NCAA recommends that student-athletes register at the beginning of their junior year in high school, but many students register after their junior year. There is no registration deadline, but students must be cleared by the Eligibility Center before they receive athletic scholarships or compete at a Division I or II institution.

Students must register online at the NCAA Eligibility Center. They will have to enter personal information, answer questions about their course work and sports participation outside of high school and pay a registration fee.

Students should arrange to have you send their high school transcript as soon as they have completed at least six semesters of high school. The transcript must be sent directly from their high school, the request can be made electronically under the "My Tasks" list of the student’s clearinghouse account. They must also arrange to have their SAT or ACT test scores reported directly by the testing company to the Eligibility Center. Students can arrange this when they register for the tests.

To play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution, the student must:

  • Complete a certain number of high school core courses.
  • Earn a certain minimum grade point average in these core courses.
  • Earn a certain minimum score on the SAT or ACT.
  • Graduate from high school.

DI and DII GPA Worksheet, to calculate a GPA for eligibility.

Quick reference sheet for NCAA Eligibility GPA and test score information.

Sending your Official Transcript to NCAA

  1. First, create an account at
  2. Fill out the NCAA Transcript Release form and return it to the guidance center.
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