There is no doubt that science is central to the lives of all Americans. Never before has our world been so complex and science knowledge so critical to making sense of it all. When comprehending current events, choosing and using technology, or making informed decisions about one's healthcare, science understanding is key. Science is also at the heart of the United States' ability to continue to innovate, lead, and create the jobs of the future. All students-whether they become technicians in a hospital, workers in a high tech manufacturing facility, or Ph.D. researchers-must have a solid educational experience in science.

The science that you learn at Montclair is not just important - it's spectacular.

Taking it to the next level

Innovative curriculum design continues to enhance the Science department at Montclair High School. We are implementing the newly-adopted Next Generation Science Standards in our curricula, and students have many different options with which to enhance their science experience at MHS.

To complete the state's graduation requirements, three years of science must be successfully completed. Students and parents/caregivers are encouraged to plan science courses in advance, so that there may be synchronization between the Science and Math course choices. Courses in which math is an integral component will describe the corresponding skills necessary to be successful.

"With our brains we can nurture a new great generation, and - dare I say it - change the world!"

-Bill Nye

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Weston Science Scholars Program
STEM Academy Small Learning Community


  • Ms. Judith Grodner, Assistant Principal
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