Guidelines 2017-2018


Emergency Contact Information

Please be reminded to keep your information current in the Genesis parent portal. It is imperative that each child has up to date contact information with current phone numbers. Please list ALL available phone numbers (home, work, cell, etc.). A change of address requires a visit to the Registrar at 22 Valley Rd. with proof of your new address. Only the Registrar/Assistant Registrar can change your address in GENESIS.

Homework Guidelines

Please refer to the Montclair District website for homework policy and guidelines (Policy P-6154).

Lost & Found

All articles found by the children should be turned in to the main office or the custodian. It is the student’s responsibility to check in the front hallway area for lost articles. Twice a year, in January and the end of June, all articles remaining in the lost and found will be donated to a charitable organization.

Lunch Times

The students’ lunch hour is divided between the lunchroom and the playground, weather permitting. Children should be dressed appropriately for outside play. It should be assumed that the children will play outside unless it is raining, extremely windy, the temperature dips below 28 degrees, or the field is too wet for play. During inclement weather, the students will play in their classrooms and in the gymnasium (space permitting). Students DO NOT watch videos as part of their recess time regardless of the weather conditions.


The Watchung School requests each child bring a healthy tree nut and peanut free snack to school each day (according to the Montclair Public School District Food Guidelines ) The school is responsible for teaching and modeling healthy habits, which include healthy nutritional habits along with academics. While students are engaged in learning activities throughout the day, the Watchung School believes a snack will provide students with more consistent energy levels. A healthy snack is more likely to keep blood sugar levels even as opposed to sugary snacks that can be a drain on student energy.

Nut/Food Allergy Policy

No nut products are allowed in the classrooms. Nuts are allowed in the lunchroom, but there is a “nut-free” table at each lunch period. Please make sure your child’s homeroom teacher and the school nurse are aware of any food allergies.

Railroad Tracks

At no time are Watchung students permitted to cross or walk on the railroad tracks directly behind the playground.


It is the responsibility of the school to provide and maintain conditions under which learning can take place most effectively. The policy concerning pupil dress is not to produce conformity of appearance, but to create a climate for learning and the elimination of distracting or disruptive elements. The board recognizes that each pupil's mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of personal style and individual preference.

Sneakers should be worn on gym class days. Shoes should be sent in on days when rain or snow boots are worn to school. Please dress students in layers for comfort in warm classrooms and cool outdoor climates. Encourage your student not to share jackets, hats, scarves, hair accessories, etc.

Students are expected to come to school dressed appropriately. Common sense should prevail in choosing proper school attire. Comfortable play clothes and sneakers are recommended for playground participation. Boots, gloves, scarves, hats, and warm outerwear are necessary during the cold and snowy season (remember, children will play outdoors during the winter and their extremities need protection). Flip-­flops are not allowed.

The board authorizes school regulations which prohibit pupil dress or grooming practices which:

  1. Present a hazard to health or safety of the pupil himself/herself or to others in the school;
  2. Materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program;
  3. Cause excessive wear or damage to school property;
  4. Are hazardous due to the nature of the class, program or activity the pupil is participating in;
  5. Prevent the pupil from achieving his/her own educational objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement.

The superintendent shall develop procedures to implement this policy which designate the building principal as the arbiter of pupil dress and grooming in his/her building and which instruct staff members to demonstrate by example and precept wholesome attitudes toward neatness, cleanliness, propriety, modesty and good sense in attire and appearance.

Cell Phone Policy


We understand that some families want their children to have a cell phone for safety reasons. If you give your child a cell phone, please explain when it is appropriate to use it. Social uses of cell phones are not appropriate at school.Here at Watchung, there are many adults to ensure students’ safety.

Therefore, during school hours, all cell phones, including those owned by adults, are expected to be:

  • Turned completely off (not on vibrate)
  • Secured in backpacks or coat pockets, out of sight
  • Not used during the school day for sending or receiving calls or texts

Students who violate this policy will have their phones taken away and placed in a safe in the office. A parent or guardian must come to the office to sign for it. Phones will not be returned directly to children.

Adults may have emergency situations from time to time, necessitating the use of a phone. We request that, if you must take a call during school, you step into the hall or away from students so they may continue their learning.

Toys at School

A small toy or a few trading cards may seem like not big deal, but you can’t imagine the trouble it causes in class, at recess and at lunch, especially when they are misplaced. Therefore, our policy has been and remains: no toys or trading cards at school. No exceptions.

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