Fifth Grade

Ocean Commotion

Do fish sleep? Is the Dead Sea really dead? Why do fish glow? What threats do ocean animals face? Dive in to discover the wonders of the ocean and the creatures that live within it! Join us as we explore underwater ecosystems through a blend of technology, science, art, and conservation studies.

Back to the Future

Come learn about the evolution of technology and its impact on everyday human life! From the atlatl to the Iphone, from the first planes to drones, from the bicycle to the internal combustion engine, let’s explore human ingenuity and the inventions and inventors that changed the world! If you have a love of history and a passion for science, this class is for you, it’s the “Real McCoy”!

Cool Creations

In this class students will build robots and work together to complete STEAM challenges. New challenges will be presented to the students each week and they will work together to complete the challenge with only a handful of materials. Students will compete to see who can build the tallest tower, the strongest bridge, and even more. This class encourages creativity, promotes teamwork, and requires students to think critically.

2D - 3D Analog to Digital

We will be exploring the manual skills to draw realistic drawing. They will be using value to render 2D shapes into 3D forms using nothing more than a pencil and paper. They will learn one point and two point perspective, and drawing ratios by studying the ratios of the face. This concept of ratios (not the faces themselves) and these other technical drawing skills directly translate into designing for the 3D printer. Students will have a hands on understanding of the concepts and skills using pencil and paper that will be used for the 3D digital process. They will develop advanced drawing skills while learning concepts to be used in the computer program to make 3D creations that can be printed using a 3D printer. Students will be using Tinkercad to learn the basic skills required for digital 3D design and printing.


Students will get a “behind the scenes” experience with the hydroponic lab in the greenhouse. This course will include learning about different hydroponic systems, as well as designing and conducting experiments with the systems. Students will work together in groups to build hydroponic systems, as well as build their own systems. We will do tasting experiments, in addition to cooking lessons using the food that we have grown!

WhoDunIt? - CSI Forensic Investigations

Whodunit? is a comprehensive investigative course that allows each student to study the basic fundamentals of forensic science by participating in hands on experiments and activities. Some activities include fingerprinting, dental impressions, tool impressions, fiber, chemical and hair analysis. These activities allow each student to examine evidence as a forensic scientist. Interested investigators will need to rely on their knowledge of science and the scientific method to determine "whodunit?"
An Introduction to the Recording Studio

Learn the basics of multi-track recording in Watchung’s 16 track digital recording studio. Discover and use microphones, mixers, digital recording software and instruments. Students will work in a hands- on setting to develop their recording skills and produce their own projects.

My Mini City

There’s not a better way to understand the power and importance of community than taking part in creating one yourself. Towns and cities around the world are filled with incredibly diverse neighborhoods and in this class, students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively to create a unique city of their own. Students will be using their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills while incorporating math and writing to plan and build their mini-city.

Coach’s Corner

It is exciting to see students gain an understanding of how math, science and engineering are all part of PE! Students participating in an iPad component of STEAM, allows them to add a technology piece into PE. Students can use iPads to read QR codes, create mind-maps to illustrate the connections between PE (the physical arts), science, technology, engineering, and math, calculate target heart rate, and create design ideas for a new gym.

Around the World With Drums

Come play the drums of Africa, the metallophones of the Indonesian gamelan, and the timbales of Latin America. Come explore the "drum set" and marching drums. This exciting drum class will focus on performance techniques and cultural lessons from the world of percussion.

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