Career Internship Program

Seniors in good academic, attendance and disciplinary standing have the opportunity to participate in the school’s Career Internship Program (CIP) during their final five weeks of high school. Students will explore areas of interest at a career-focused placement in a business, community-based location or educational setting.

May 13th CIP Update - School Sign Out

The “School Sign-Out” form will now be distributed on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 2:45pm in the LGI

Students will not receive School Sign-Out Form nor will they be permitted to participate in the CIP Program until all required documentation (STEP 1 AND STEP 2) from their CIP Booklet has been signed and submitted to their Team Office for review.

The “School Sign-Out” form must be filled out completely and signed by all parties prior to submission to your Team Office Secretary at the CIP Sign Out Meeting on Friday, May 17th at the 2:45 pm in the MHS Auditorium to begin the Career Internship Program.

April 24th CIP Update – Your Mentor Selection

Students who completed the CIP Pre-Approval Application and received an email with a CIP Number (CIP-SID-0000 example) are confirmed to be CIP Approved or Provisional status.

The following instructions below are to help you “Match up with Your Mentor”:

  1. Access the “CIP Student Mentor Suggestion” online form.
  2. Enter your CIP-SID-0000 Number - You can find your CIP # on the confirmation email you received after you completed, "CIP Student Pre-Approval Application" document or in the "CIP Student Acceptance Letter".
  3. Carefully enter your correct school email address: i.e.
  4. Select your CIP Mentor from the “drop down” menu - Only Mentors who have been approved are available for selection.
  5. Click Submit.

If your Mentor is not listed:

  • Mentor location may be pending MHS administrative approval. Please keep checking daily.
  • Reach out to your potential mentor to ensure they have filled out the online form ( and have returned their signed papers.
  • Once your Mentor and location is on the drop down selection, Click Submit.


CIP Students: Don’t forget the paperwork!

Now that you have completed the CIP Pre-Approval application we wanted to guide you on the next steps.

Find a Mentor: Review the recent "Finding your mentor" email and ensure you have that process completed or underway.
CIP Paperwork: Signatures are important and the CIP booklet contained a bunch of forms you you to complete, get signed and return to your team office. See the CIP Paperwork Guide below.

Heads up!
The earliest they can be handed in is: April 18th 2019.
The deadline for handing these in is: April 29th 2019.

The earlier the the better! Chances of delays or issues are seriously reduced if this paperwork bundle is carefully, correctly filled out and the earlier it is returned.

CIP Paperwork Guide:
From the “CIP Booklet” you were handed. Please carefully complete remove and hand in the following paperwork forms.
Page 11. "A. 2019 Student Internship Application"
Page 12. "B. 2019 Internship Proposal Agreement"
Page 13-14. "C. 2019 Internship Project Proposal*"
Page 15-16. "D. 2019 Student Progress Report (as of April 18, 2019)"
Page 18. "E. Career Internship Agreement: Student Responsibilities"
Page 19. "F. Career Internship Agreement: Parent/Guardian Responsibilities"
Page 20. "G. Career Internship Agreement: Student Code of Conduct"
Page 21. "H. Medical Emergency Release Form"
Page 23. "I. Transportation Plan"

Remember: All the above paperwork MUST be handed in together, be correctly filled out AND the earlier the better.

Step 2 – CIP Student Booklet (Yellow)

All forms must be removed from your Student CIP Booklet. They must be fully completed, signed, and returned to your Team Office or to your counselor, on or before Monday, April 29, 2019, prior to your final acceptance into the Career Internship Program.

Step 2 - Career Internship Agreement:

  • E. Student Responsibilities: Page 18
  • F. Parent/Guardian Responsibilities: Page 19
  • G. Student Code of Conduct: Page 20
  • H. Medical Emergency Release Form: Page 21
  • I. Transportation Plan: Page 22

CIP Mentor Application and Proposal
If you have not provided the link to your proposed CIP Mentor, the Application and Proposal link is posted below.
Have your mentor completely fill out all information requested.
Mentors only need to apply once, even if they plan to host more than one student.


It’s time to get started on your CIP Mentor search. If you have already picked up your CIP Intern Booklet (yellow), you also have the sample CIP Mentor Booklet, which is for your use only. We provided you with a copy of the CIP Mentor Booklet, so that you would fully understand, not only what is expected of you, but what will be asked/required of your Mentor. Having this information will help you to explain to potential Mentors what will be expected of them.

1. Select a Mentor for your CIP experience:
· If you haven’t anyone in mind yet, browse a list of prior Mentors via CIP Database 2019:
· If you have a Mentor in mind, speak with him or her about allowing you to intern with them.
· Either way, do your best to secure a CIP Mentor before Spring Break.

2. Have Your CIP Mentor Apply to Join the Program:
· Once someone has agreed to allow you to intern with them, your will need to provide them with the link below, so they can begin the Mentor Application. DO NOT USE THE CIP MENTOR SAMPLE BOOKLET. MENTORS MUST COMPLETE THE APPLICATION ONLINE.

3. Have your Mentor Review and Sign the CIP Mentor Application:
· Once your CIP Mentor has completed the online application, they will receive a pre-filled CIP Mentor Application along with a mentor booklet that contains updated information.
· Your CIP Mentor must review the information in the booklet.
· If all the information is accurate, your CIP Mentor will then sign the pre-filled Mentor Application, print it, and give it to you to submit to the MHS CIP Team on or before April 29, 2019. (Honestly, the earlier, the better.)

4. Matching the CIP Mentor and CIP Intern:
· Once we receive and review the signed application, you and your Mentor will receive a document via email containing each other’s details.
· You will then begin your CIP experience on May 19, 2019.


Students WILL NOT receive their CIP & Mentor Booklets if they HAVE NOT FILLED out their
Pre-Approval Application Form and Liability and Acknowledgement of Risk Agreement Form. Students must deliver a copy to their team office for review. 

Pick Up Booklets in Your Team Office:
TEAM I - Ground Floor
TEAM II - Main Floor in the "MNOO" room (near math office)
TEAM III - Main Floor in the Guidance Office

Note: Only one of each booklet will be provided to each student. Booklets have been designed to help you navigate through the process of the Career Internship Program.

Students are required to put their Name and CIP-SID Number on both booklets.



After completing the out “CIP Student Pre-Approval Form” you can expect the following:

  • Your application will be reviewed and a pre-filled version of the pre-approval application will be emailed to you WITHIN A WEEK OF THE APPLICATION.
  • Review and print the emailed document. Make a note of your CIP-SID number that will be assigned in it.
  • Have your parents review and sign the emailed "CIP Student Pre-Approval Application" document.
  • Make sure you complete the “Liability Risk Agreement” form – This documentation must be notarized.  

If student has not secured a CIP location, Please add on the appropriate space on the Liability Risk Agreement form.

As part of the program, my child will be participating in a work study/internship program with (MBOE District Approved Mentor), whose principal place of business is located at (MBOE District Approved Site).

  • Submit the Signed "CIP Student Pre-Approval Application" and the notarized "Liability Risk Agreement" form. Keep copies for your records and deliver originals to your team office.

Notary assistance at MHS was provided on March 14 and March 18

You may use a different notary public (for your convenience) at a bank, post office or a lawyer (with office letterhead)

Parents and Students you must be present for your signatures to be notarized.
You must sign the form in the presence of the notary; there will be no exceptions.


Acceptable Forms of Identification for Notary Services:

  • State-issued driver's license
  • State-issued identification card
  • U.S. passport issued by the U.S. Department of State
  • U.S. military ID
  • State, county, and local government IDs
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