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Letter to New Families Concerning the Security of Registration Documents

Thank you for registering for the Montclair Public Schools. We want to inform you that the registration documents that you submit will be uploaded to our Genesis student information system, which is web based. Once the documents have been uploaded, the copies that we make will be shredded. Of course, please feel free to provide redacted copies of your documents which show only that information needed to fulfill registration requirements. We believe that the documents are more secure in this digital file cabinet than in a file cabinet in a central or school location, and want to be sure that you are aware of a number of security features that are part of the Genesis software. Among other things:

  1. Genesis uses the industry standard practices for storing password hashes (not passwords) in the database.

  2. The district uses its own password security practices (complexity, rules, etc.) to implement and manage Genesis. We require passwords to be changed at least once every 90 days by our staff, have password requirements that encourage complexity, and continue to enforce practices to secure confidential information. We continually remind staff, parents and students to not share their passwords as a security precaution.

  3. We disable user access for staff and students who leave the district.

  4. The district grants permission according to roles and based on a clear need to have access.

  5. Genesis supports Active Directory for user authentication.

  6. All network access security (routers, firewalls, DDOS protection, etc.) is provided by the district and updated regularly.

  7. Internally, we regularly update our servers to ensure the security of our data. Most recently, our Network Administrator took the district off line on August 13th to install the latest patches and upgrades.

  8. The district can see a digital footprint of any access to the online system, something that cannot be done when files are housed in a physical location.

In the Montclair Public Schools, we are as vigilant about the online safety of our students and their information as we are about their educations. Thank you for your continued advocacy and trust.

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