CIP Student Overview

CIP Student Process Overview

An overview of the CIP process is below in text and visual forms.

Textual Process overview.
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  1. A. APPLY
  2. 1. CIP Pre-Approval Application
  3. CIP Student Application
  4. Genesis Forms
  5. (After initial Administrative Application Review the Liability Waiver Form is emailed)
  6. Liability Waiver Notarized and submitted

  7. 2. CIP Administrative Review
  8. Attendance, Academics, Discipline & Obligations reviewed
  9. Provisional or Denied statuses granted

  10. 3. CIP Student Chooses Mentor
  11. (After Provisional status is achieved)
  12. Research & Choose Mentor
  13. Wait for Mentor Acceptance
  14. Final Administrative Review

  15. 4. CIP Final Review & Approval
  16. Final Administrative Review Approved or Denied statuses granted

  17. B. ATTEND
  18. 1. CIP Begins

  19. 2. CIP Student Placement Obligations
  20. All Google Classroom Assignments (often weekly)
  21. Attendance
  22. Seminars 1, 2, 3
  24. 1. CIP Summative Assessment Presentation & Grading

CIP Process Visual Overview.
A visual diagram is below. Click here for a PDF version of the CIP Process Diagram. Click on the pictures below for larger images.

CIP Process Diagram 1of3
CIP Process Diagram 1of3

CIP Process Diagram 2of3
CIP Process Diagram 2of3

CIP Process Diagram 3of3
CIP Process Diagram 3of3

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